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Enhanced Experience

Don’t miss out on this enhanced experience at the Battlebox featuring an all-new 40-minute audio guide and exclusive access to two 270° projection rooms! Experience the tension and emotions of the days leading up to the fall of Singapore. The audio tour navigates the subterranean chambers, with easy-to-understand historical facts about the pivotal events that led to the British surrender.

Smartphone and earphones are required for the experience

In ‘The Day Before’ Room, you’ll encounter 270° projection mapping that transports you to key moments – both big and small – leading up to the fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942.

Use your complimentary anaglyph glasses to compare between the Japanese and Allied perspectives of the battle in ‘The Moments Before’ Room! Get a comprehensive understanding of the resources and choices made by both forces leading to the surrender.

Puzzle Hunt [Coming Soon]

On the hunt for a fun activity? Join us at the Battlebox, where mysteries await and history unfolds. Calling all explorers and history enthusiasts – get ready to crack codes, solve puzzles, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience of fun and discovery. Are you up for the challenge?

Your adventure begins in October 2024!

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The new digital enhancements at the Battlebox have been made possible through the support of The #Engage Initiative, which has allowed us to integrate the past and present with modern technology. Established in 2020, the #Engage Initiative by TRCL has reached out to over 1,350 children and youths across 74 primary and secondary schools in Singapore to bridge the digital divide, it aims to build a digitally inclusive society by providing digital devices for vulnerable children and developing original arts and culture programmes that engender creativity and inspire the acquisition of new skills.